Monday, August 17, 2009

147 million minus one shirt

Did you know there are 147 million orphans in the world? Well, there are and that's just sad. We will be making that one less orphan soon.

My fantastically talented friend, Ryan, designed a logo for our adoption shirts. (Thanks Marty, for letting your husband do my projects rather than yours!) So, with no further ado- here is our shirt-

I'm placing the order for the shirt this week, but will be happy to take your pre-order now!

It is a charcoal grey shirt with a white logo. The shirt is $15 and is available in adult small thru adult 2XL. Email me at to place your order today!


  1. Love it!!! Ryan, thanks for doing this for my precious grandbaby! I've already sold two here at school and they've only been online a couple of hours! Of course, we will ALL want one, right, everybody?!?!

  2. Fabulous shirt! I bet the designer of that logo is HOT!