Friday, April 30, 2010

2 weeks. 16 months.

Today Bates has been in our arms (I almost said our son, but he was our son long before we ever knew... ) for two weeks today!

Holy moly, have the two weeks flown by! It seems like just yesterday we were in Seoul and I was sobbing thinking of the heartbreak my son was going through. Seoul was amazing, I can't believe we've been gone two weeks already. Nick and I are already talking about wanting to go back. (I'm saying we go back for Bates a little brother... but Nick isn't there ... yet! (but I'm working on him))

In another breath, it feels like Bates has been with us forever. We are slowly getting into a very comfortable routine, despite the bedtime issue! He just fits with us. It's a very natural thing for all of us. I remember before he was home trying to savor and remember the moments of what it was like before him, and now I can't even imagine them.

And guess who is 16 months old today. Yep, our little shrimp is! 16 mths, whoa! Ahhhh... slow down time, slow down! It's like I blinked and two weeks are gone. The other night we had on Dancing with the Stars and I was holding Bates and dancing with him. I said "Is this how you are gonna dance with your momma on your wedding day". Then I looked at Nick and said "oh my, I can't EVEN think about that yet!" I know before I know it I'll be watching my son watch his bride walk down the aisle. Gasp! But until then, I am savoring every moment, even the sleepless ones, with him!

I'll post more later, with pictures, I promise!


  1. Will is ready for a Bates playdate! He's been asking for him everywhere! Let me know if you have time this week.

  2. I've loved following your journey for so long now, but never really thought about how old Bates was. It is fantastic to learn he is only 8 days younger than Marius:) It will be extra exciting to continue to follow your blog as our boys grow!!

  3. MLB, you're going to wear a backless, sequined ballroom gown at bates wedding??? .....joking.
    It goes scary fast, the time with kids. Bates is pretty great!

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