Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pigeon Forge and Rain Rain Rainy Days

Nick had a conference in Pigeon Forge last week for three days, so Bates and I tagged along. He did incredibly well. We have decided he likes to be on the go (like his momma) so that is nice. He napped in his car seat almost the entire way there and back. On the way there we stopped and saw one of my college girlfriends, Whitney, and her two cutie patootie boys.

Here is Bates shopping with his momma.
And luckily my dad was in Gatlinburg for a conference too, so Bates and I went over and hung out with him for the afternoon. We went over to the National Park and took Bates on his first hike, Laurel Falls.We also took Bates to my favorite place to eat. The Apple Barn! He loved him some Apple Fritters. We had a great time and were super glad to be able to spend time with my dad too!

This weekend has been super rainy! I mean serious flooding. We are high and dry and safe, but we have been stuck in the house most of the weekend. Bates, like I said, likes to be on the go, so he has been BORED out of his mind. We are going a little stir crazy! I got out his monster tent and he LOVED it. He loved it for about 15 minutes, then he was over it!Here he is playing in the tent with his daddy.
He would lean over to the vents and "kiss" me through the fabric. This is the first time he has initiated a kiss with us. But it too was short lived, he wouldn't do it again later!

I kept snapping to get his picture, and this is what he started doing. He was trying to snap and it was so funny! Little stinker!And after a nap with dad on the couch, Bates had some awesome bed head!
I told Bates to say hi to his "fans" and this is what I got!


  1. Bates looks SO happy!! The picture of him and your dad is priceless! Your Dad looks so proud! Glad you guys had a good time in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge!

  2. I love the pics of him trying to snap. Too cute!

  3. Oh my gosh, he's just SO stinkin' cute!!!

  4. That bed-head is no joke! Love it!!

    Yes, rainy days are not fun with a toddler. Being stuck inside stinks!! I have a cute riding/push toy that's a fire truck. Good for inside or out. Let me know if you want to borrow it.

  5. Apple Barn - we went there for our girls weekend b/c you recommended it to Em :) Bates is so cute - love reading about your journey and adventures!

  6. MLB, he is too cute! Love the monster tent!

  7. I love his "hi" picture!!! So stinkin cute.