Thursday, May 6, 2010

Korean Childrens Day

Yesterday, May 5th, was Cinco de Mayo, but it was also Korean Children's Day. This day is a huge holiday in Korea. Everyone was off work and they spend time with their children going to parks, museums, and just spending quality time with their kids.

Yesterday me and little Bates hung out all day. We went on a walk together and play hard ALL DAY. We ended the day sharing a cupcake!
Can you tell who loved it?
And yes, I fed it to him in the den on the coffee table. I'm a cool mom like that.

Just wanted to share this picture too. Bates took a nap on the couch like a big boy. He fell asleep when I was holding him and I just put him on the couch rather than risk him waking up to get in his bed. Sleeping is still a bit iffy 'round these parts!


  1. Love the belly showing of a sleeping baby! Way too cute. I love my little great nephew and haven't even met him yet.......

  2. Nerdy factoid, Children's Day is a largely Asian holiday, celebrated in Mongolia, Japan, China, etc..
    Bates loved that cupcake!!! He is a cupcake! So sweet!!!

  3. Love the cupcake pictures! That's exactly what I look like after eating a cupcake too:)
    Oh, and I finally got my own account, so I can post and not be "eric".
    Love ya!

  4. CUTIE! I'm a big fan of letting them nap wherever they will! You're an awesome mom! :)